Seasonless Suiting

Evolved suiting
for a new world

Nine to five and 24/7. Living room and office space. Home and away. Business suit and tracksuit. Style lines are converging…and at an especially rapid pace in the past few years. The way we approach our everyday lives is changing, so the way we approach dressing ourselves is changing — style and comfort are not mutually exclusive.

The challenge

Addressing change
with flexibility

In this increasingly fluid fashion landscape, we saw an incredible opportunity to completely reimagine suiting. Putting our design expertise to work, we created apparel that embraces the movement of activewear, the comfort of loungewear and all the sophistication of a boardroom-ready suit. Business, meet apparel that’s a pleasure to wear — now and in the future.

Our role


Textile innovation

Sourcing and
quality control

Program implementation


 “Decision-makers want their staff to look and feel like their customer base. We’ve all been so separate during the pandemic, and people are needing that connection.

-Cheri Baker, Senior Manager-Merchandising, Design Collective

“Our clients are getting excited because this collection is so different from what their norm is. It feels like something they would buy for themselves or what they see other people wearing.”

-Kristin Sharp, Director, Design Collective

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